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How to start a Restaurant Business?

A good restaurant business plan takes into many factors like style of the restaurant, targeting of customers, area of business and many factors.This article will help you get to start a business with these highlighted points.


Key points to start a restaurant business plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Menu
  • Employees
  • Restaurant Design
  • Location
  • Market Overview
  • Marketing
  • External help
  • Financial Analysis


On a legal terms let us know what all are required to start a restaurant business.

FSSAI license is mandatory for all food business owners as well as restaurants. Through this article, we will enlighten you with a complete guide regarding the importance of the FSSAI license, document requirements, process and how to avail of this service via MUDS quickly.


There are three main parameters to attain FSSAI License under the FOSCOS FSSAI Registration, which are:

  • Annual turnover of the organization,
  • Production estimate per day,
  • Nature of business

The FSSAI license comes with a fourteen digit FSSAI number which is allotted to the Food Business Operator. FSSAI number must be stamped upon bundling of the food items. FSSAI Registration must be displayed in a conspicuous business environment.


Who Requires FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI registration is required by all FBO enlisted below,

  • A food operator who sells and produce any sort of food items, be it, iterant vendor or temporary stallholder.
  • A food operator who gives away food items including religious or social get together
  • Caterers do not include in the list
  • Small scale food businesses, with an annual turnover, not exceeding Rs 12 lakhs
  • Central License is required for Large Food Business owners.
  • State License is required for Medium Food Business owners.


Advantages of FSSAI Registration and License 

  • It keeps the malpractices and misconduct regarding food safety out of the equation.
  • It builds trust among the consumers, the FSSAI trademark ensures the food quality labelled on food items. It secures consumers right in a way by providing the best quality of food products.
  • It ensures hygienic food availability at food stores and restaurants.
  • It safeguards standardization of the restaurant’s kitchen set-ups, thereby guaranteeing more customers and even business development.
  • It helps both the food business owners and customers to attract more consumers and availing the best quality products.


How to get FSSAI License for the Restaurant business?

Step 1: Open this URL link:

URL- to visit FSSAI’s

The application form will appear, read the eligibility criterion provided by the government. Now, the applicant has to enter the complete address for each premise individually and look for the eligibility independently.

Step 2: Sign up on the website, by entering your contact details such as phone number and email id.

Step 3: Applicant must create username and password, after adding all necessary details click on register to complete the sign-up process.

Step 4: The confirmation mail will be received on your contact details. Now applicant has successfully created his id on the portal.

*This user id will remain active for 30 days; you have to complete the further process within this period.

Step 5: After signing in to the portal and start filing the FSSAI license form. Fill up using a desktop, avoid mobile. Make sure you have all required documents ready with you.

Step 6: Take a printout of the form after filling in all the required details.

Step 7: Note down the Applicant reference number that appeared on the screen after you submit the form.

ARN is used to track the progress of your application.

Step 8: Submit the hard copy of the application form to the respective regional authority with mandatory required documents within 15 days from the date of online application submission.



How will Legal Suvidha Providers will help you start a new restaurant business?

We will make your startup plan easier by helping you out in preparing the list of documents required. We will help you complete your compliance on time and guide in each and every step.

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